Immigration Sevices

Indefinite Leave To Remain

The rules on immigration can be complex. They are constantly changing. At SMK Solicitors, we have specialist Immigration lawyers who can help you with many different areas of immigration. SMK Solicitors can simplify the jargon and help you understand the complexities of the legal process around immigration. Our Immigration lawyers team speak a range of languages that can fluently translate legalities that will be important to your case. We understand that English may not be your first language and we will ensure that we explain matters so that you understand them.

Our specialist Team members can prepare and submit applications for clients that want to become British Citizens. We will provide support in the naturalisation process. If you wish to apply for naturalisation and are successful, then you will be entitled to hold a British Passport. In order to obtain a British Passport, you will have to consider yourself being settled and working in the UK.

Visiting The UK

If you wish to visit the UK, SMK Solicitors can help you obtain a visa for all types of visits. If you are a non-EU resident, then you will have to apply for a visa. The type of visa will depend on the reason of why you want to visit the UK. Our Immigration Team deal with enquires which include visiting friends and family. A visitor visa can be permitted for up to 6 months but this also depends on the type of visitor visa you are applying for. In any type of visa that you apply for, it is essential that you show that at the end of your visit you will leave the UK. If you require advice or want us to review your application or want our help in preparing to apply for your visitor visa, then contact one of our specialist visitor visa solicitors.

Immigration Fees

If you need assistance in appealing against a refusal from the Home Office and do not know how the appeal system works, our Immigration lawyers Team can assist you in whatever your situation maybe. They will assess the merits of your case and advise you in detail to ensure the best chances of success in your appeal.In accordance with the new Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) guidance on price transparency, we are able to outline our price and work for immigration work.After the initial meeting you will be offered either the hourly rate to do your case or a fixed fee to complete it.