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Fee Structure

Obtaining entry clearance to the UK or leave to remain in the UK can be complicated; it can take many months or even longer in some cases. It is never possible to accurately predict how long an immigration case will take to be resolved. Every case is different and the law is changing all the time, which is why we encourage you to contact us so we can provide you with an estimate outlining a range of potential fees to make sure that you get the right amount of support to meet your individual circumstances.
We will update you regularly on your costs throughout the matter so you can stay in control throughout . The fee scale provided is an estimate of fee for an average case, but your case could be more complicated or very straightforward,so please contact us so that we can provide you with an individual quote based on your specific circumstances.In case we charge you an hourly rate, we will let you know and our rate will be £220 an hour.
We offer a fixed-fee service and will agree a fee with you in advance. We do not charge VAT, but you may have to pay VAT on payments we make to others in your behalf,such as barristers and experts. We will advise you in advance if VAT is payable on any part of the payment you make to us.
In a usual immigration case, our fee will include completing the application form, compiling the application and supporting evidence. drafting any letters or legal representations needed, liaising with the Home Office and pursuing the application until a decision is made. We will inform you if the specifics of your case require anything different.