Judicial Reviews

A judicial review is a legal procedure that allows individuals, organizations, or even public bodies to challenge the lawfulness of decisions made by government authorities, public officials, or administrative tribunals. This process ensures that government actions are held accountable to the rule of law, protecting the rights and interests of citizens.

When Can You Seek a Judicial Review?

Unlawful Decisions

You can initiate judicial review when you believe that a government decision or action is unlawful. This could include breaches of statutory powers, procedural errors, or actions that are irrational or unreasonable.

Abuse of Power

If you suspect that a public authority has abused its powers or acted beyond its jurisdiction, a judicial review can provide the means to challenge and rectify such actions.

Failure to Follow Procedure

 Judicial reviews can also be sought when government bodies fail to adhere to proper procedures during decision-making, such as neglecting to consider relevant evidence or failing to consult affected parties.

Infringement of Human Rights

When a government action infringes upon fundamental human rights and freedoms, a judicial review can be a crucial mechanism to protect individual liberties.

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